Lizard Project

Lizard project is the first and biggest group project in my school life. We spent two months from base idea to the final achievement. By the workflow, we met lots of problem, and learned a lot. However, at the end, we gain a amazing achievement we have never mind.

Producer/Production Manager
Robin Hutchins

Cornelia Lee - Concept Drawings
Lara Khattab - Body Concept Modelling
Jenny Yin Yi - Head Modelling
Weihao Sun - Crown Modelling
Robin Hutchins - Body Model, Eye and Gear Rigging
Alexandra Papouchina - Texturing
Les Luxemburger - Texturing

Julia Stein - Concept Model
Robin Hutchins - Modelling
Alexandra Papouchina - Texturing

Meiji Wong

Lighting and Rendering
Weihao Sun 

Toronto, Canada 
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